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Sunday, January 3, 2010

first accident-free nap in underwear

Wesley had his first nap in underwear and it was accident-free. Wes has actually been waking up from his naps with a dry diaper 4 out of 5 times, but I was a little afraid of switching to underwear just yet. Turns out that when Damon put him down for a nap, he forgot to put Wes in a diaper. He woke up three hours later dry!! I have to say though that Wesley actually took a one hour nap once in underwear, but until today it wasn't a dry nap of any considerable amount of time.

Because I did say that Damon "forgot" to put Wes in underwear today, I must also tell you of something I forgot lately...on New Year's Eve we let Wesley stay up later than usual, but I put him in his pajamas when we got home. We usually put Wes to bed after his last feeding, but we didn't that night. (Notice a pattern of broken rituals?) Anyway, we ended up putting Wesley to bed in his underwear. He didn't tell us, and Damon and I didn't notice...until Damon heard him talking much earlier than he normally wakes up, which was about 6:00am. Guess who had a soaking wet bed and self? OOPS! Damon was such a nice husband and he got Wes and his bed cleaned up without even waking me up (even though I did stir a little when I heard Wes talking to Damon as Damon changed his bed linens). Then Damon wasn't able to go back to sleep, but Wes and I slept in until around 9:45am.

So the moral of the story is that Wes might be ready for naps without diapers, but we aren't even close to all night without them!!! Hopefully we can remember to make sure he's in diapers at bedtime...


Tami said...

YAY! for dry naps! That's awesome! ;) It seems like a million years since our potty training days. What a relief when it is finally over - and you're almost there! :)

MamaPoRuski said...

Congratulations! That is huge! Hopefully it's downhill from here!

adoptedthree said...

A dry nap is definite progress! one nap at a time. It will happen. Nik potty trained pretty fast but V was in pull-ups at night until almost eight years old- and still has accidents.
I must say Nik has had maybe one since he went dry at night and same for Oksana.
Thanks for the Christmas card too. I was about a week behind Christmas so I didnt get mine out :)

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