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Sunday, April 29, 2007

correction on garage sale drop-off

Turns out I mailed out garage sale donation letters, some saying the 12th was the drop-off and some saying it was the 19th. So either date is fine with us - we'll be here, probably doing yard work (yuck)! I realized the mistake after writing, stuffing, and stamping all the envelopes. Since I wasn't sure which envelopes had which date and I didn't want to waste all of those stamps, we're just going with either. I guess next time I need to make up my mind first, instead of typing up two flyers and planning on deciding later.
The dossier collection is going well - everything should be together by this week! I am so excited and nervous!!! After that comes the excruciating wait! I will have to keep myself busy this summer so I don't spend a lot of time worrying about it! I guess I can use that time to learn some Russian and Ukrainian. Maybe I'll start speaking Russian, kind of like how Damon occasionally throws Spanish into the conversation :)


Melissa said...

Wow.. you are getting your dossier together quickly! Good luck with your journey!
I'm adopting from Uzbekistan, so a lot of the paperwork is the same.

adoptedthree said...

Cute blog! Thanks for linking us love the lobster picture and you so remind me of DH and I as we began our first adoption adventure- so exciting and thrilling and amazing and life changing! I cant wait to follow your journey!!!

Camlin said...

Great work.

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